Notepad Debating

This house believes in … debating for the sake of a debate



  • Proposition -> Proposals
  • Opposition -> Oppositions

Group A
First Prop - Introduction and Definition of the topic
First Opp -
Second Prop - Extension of the Introduction
Second Opp -
Group B
First Prop - Resources ?
First Opp -
Second Prop - Summary
Second Opp - Summary


2 Min - rebatle
2 Min - my points
1 min - summary

Preparations to a debate

Type of Argument

a) Concequence argument
b) Principle argument

6 steps

1) Clarification -> what the move is about
2) Brain storming -> dot down the ideas on your own
talk together and bainstorm together
3) Limitations -> look through the points and choose the most important of them.
4) Devide -> decide who is doing what based on the knowledge
5) Flash the points -> arguing about the point and making sure they arer water tight.
6) fixing it in your head -> reherse the speach and structure the ideas on the paper

Policy Debates Tips

  • Policy
    • Principles
    • Problem
    • Consequences
    • Principalities (will it work)

Extension Speach Preparations

First Approach

  • What the area the group missed ?
  • Expand on Long Term Issues
  • Find benefits to other groups
  • Why Status Quo is not efficient

Second Approach

  • If first group made poor analysis, make it better by giving new examples and better conclusions.
  • Label the points differently (Example : Humanitarian Problems, civilians under stress)
  • New Examples, new descriptive
  • Redirect, open the topic or maybe narrow it.

Summary Preparations

  • Empthesize the contribution of your team
  • Do not introduce new information
  • Best argument is by taking points and taking them apart by analytical prospect
  • Find areas of clash
  • Try sorting the points from the most important to less ones …
  • can say "great piece of analysis by Fred … "


  • Think of the chain … (e.g grower->seller(supplier)->consumer)
  • Propose the points and develop them, to make sure they are well received.
  • think this way (1) Problem ? -> (2) Policy ? -> (3) Alternative ?
  • what is the core of the problem ?
  • what is the way / practical way ?
  • Blanket proposal -> the strongest and tuffiest woman which eats men for breakfast can not still surve in army
  • Principal of equality is very important, but (e.g army) efficiency is more important then equality !

Positive directions

  • Impoving the society, making it happier
  • By educating the people
  • Economic Benefits

The Debate


  • The speaker had 3 main points
  • First major point the XX was making ..


  • summary, there are three points we disagreed.
  • this debate is all about

Important Issues

  • if a proposition puts a point which is not rebutled, it is a won point
  • Public services should be neutral, so the public would trust them


  • not practical -> too expensive ?
  • moral issues, immoral -> do not do something for somebody …
  • freedom is the most valuable
  • do not idealize, killing gives a bad example
  • what this debate is about
  • bring equal standards, equal opportunities
  • I coludnot disagree more …
  • we accept it is morally wrong
  • point well taken
  • point overlooked is that


  • Squerl - changing the idea from the beginning.


good way to remember names is to offer them a game, "if I run the world", and then ask next person to repeat names and tasks