Studying in UK

Close friends ask me how to apply for scholarships in UK and which organizations to approach, thus I decided to summarise the aspects I know and hopefully it would be helpful to others.
I did my PhD at Imperial College London (2006-2011), and I am extremely grateful to all the people who helped me with my journey.

Please note : This information may be outdated !

Personal Opinion

Studying abroad has many advantages and can therefore be beneficial in a long term. Unfortunately, it is extremely expensive. Nevertheless, money for education can always be found ! If one says that its impossible, then the one has not tried hard enough. A number of fundraising suggestions are listed below. These suggestions were collected by me as I progressed with my journey:

  1. Choose for applying abroad only if you see WHY you should do it, and you MUST love the study subject. The reason is simple : there are too many frustrating moments and without being persistent you will give up and fail. Loving the subject and remembering WHY you started it, would help you overcome the frustration and keep up with the work.
  2. If you already applying for studies and aware that you will need to pay for it, then choose the best university possible. It is much easier to find support when you are aiming high. The charities/people would be much happier to help you if you are successful, thus being associated with the best university makes it easier.
  3. Find organizations and people who have something in common with you, and show them the "connection". If you are Jewish/Christian/Muslim/Etc then it would be easier to approach the association with the same believes. If you have some features, such as left-handed, then find an association which helps this particular people to study. If you are a girl, then there must be a women support trust (wonder if there is one to support men). Be creative !
  4. Help organizations and do volunteering work. If you do not contribute to the society, then why the society would be interested helping you ?
  5. When you write the cover letter for your application, explain thoroughly why studying abroad is important for you and how will you help the society after perceiving the education. The granters will be happy to follow your career and be proud of you when you graduate !
  6. If you are talking with a person from an organization, try and arrange a meeting. Talking on the phone without personal face-to-face contact will lead you nowhere most of the cases. Do not forget that secretaries sometimes know more than the bosses !

Finally, do remember to smile always, practice if essential :)
and memorise this book, if you have not done it so far : "How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie"

Additional Information

Relevant only to students from Israel, or from Jewish origin


This book is amazing, and if you send letters to many organisations from the list, I am sure that you would get replies. Some of them would be positive ;)

  • look up books, there must be a "how to find a scholarship" book !


Here is the list of UK charities which accepts applications from Israeli students.
Better list can be seen on the British Council website []

Anglo Israel Association (AIA)

Anglo Jewish Association (AJA)

AVI fellowships
(I never found a phone number or email contact, but they have a post address. And, they do respond to letters)
Mme. Beatrice Curty-Golay
1, Rue Pedro - Meylan
1208 Geneva

Jewish Widows
note : they provide loans and not scholarships
Jewish Widows' and Students' Aid Trust
Marlborough house
298 Regents Park Road
N3 2UU

B'nai B'rith
David Sylvester
B'nai B'rith Scholarship Committee
25 The Fountains
229 Ballards Lane
London N3 1NL

Wingate Scholarships

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