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Art and science have a common feature: Innovation drives them both. The difference between them is that art can be seen as the unbounded edge of science - that means that scientists can be artists and I wonder if the opposite can work …


NULL OBJECT is a new sculptural work by London Fieldworks (Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson) involving the participation of artist Gustav Metzger.

Linking a computer brain interface to an industrial manufacturing robot, a block of Portland stone has been rendered hollow as a consequence of the artist thinking about nothing. The exhibition at WORK will present video and sculptural representations of the process alongside the robotically carved sculpture. A timely addition and challenge to the present climate of technological evolution and increasing cybernetic augmentation, NULL OBJECT offers an alternative model for a creative, non-invasive interface between body, mind and machine.
"Null Object combines hyper-performativity with auto-production of sculptural form. It fuses together ?mind-stuff ? with software, wetware and hardware to produce a void in stone." Bronac Ferran "Null Object mocks the persistent narcissism of the artist, who believes secretly that he is a little god. It is a release into a more profound and complex reality. A great liberation." Hari Kunzru

home page of the project


Collaboration project between Merel Karhof, a student from Royal College of Art, and myself while a student at Imperial College London.

One day Merel came to me with Wikuna (1920) knitting machine and an idea to wind power it, thus to produce an environmentally friendly product. It was quite an interesting and challenging engineering project as I was trying to design a mechanism without making any changes to the knitting machine itself.

We soon figured out that it was also an over-ambitious project due to time constraints and manufacturing limitations. Moreover, we discovered that the machine stuck when working on very slow speeds, and assistance was required to smooth the mechanism - by sandpapering.

Nevertheless, despite all the difficulties, the machine was finished on time and actually worked! …but only when wind blew in the right direction.

the homepage of the Wind Knitting Factory
recent article from NYTimes

A collaboration project between Oren Tirosh and myself during the Geekcon 2008, Israel.

"Machines and living creatures rely on energy to exist; humans rely on food while robots rely on electricity. No energy means death. This is why seeing a beggar on the street brings us emotion, but would a robot pleading for energy under the threat of electricity being cut elicit the same emotions?" quoted from here

You can learn more about the project on the official page []

electricity beggar robot from

Collaboration project between Yuri Suzuki, a student from Royal College of Art and myself while a student at Imperial College London.

"A train-style record player. Users connect the chipped pieces of records together to make new tracks. The records pieces are from cheap records bought at jumble sales or used record shops. This record player revives forgotten, old records." - quoted from here.

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