Object Manipulation

Empowering robots to manipulate objects in real life is a personally fulfilling experience.

Worked with an amazing team to building capable low-cost robotic hands for DARPA grasping challenge. …And we won the contest!

Bartender Robot was created as part of a project by two students: Inon Shoshani and David Nizan. The robot featured a special pouring algorithm in which the bottle was weighted and the contents level was calculated based on the shape of the bottle. This feature allowed the robot to pivot the bottle to the angle just before spilling, and then to angle the bottle to the calculated degree which would dispense the liquid to fill the glass. The filling angle was calculated from the shape of the bottle, thus no additional sensors were needed and the robot performed the task quickly without over-pouring the drink. The location of the glass was calculated using a simple image processing algorithm from an image acquired by a webcam. Here is a short movie presenting the system in action:

YouTube - Bartender Robot - Ben-Gurion University, Israel

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