Mechanism is the spine of a machine, and the spirit of its creator.

Unfortunately, surgeons who have tried the OrthoForce haptic device like the ergonomics yet claim that it does not feel realistic. In the past, my research has focused on improving realism of the haptical simulator. Please email me if you have questions.
Sometimes the life is not easy, as it is impossible to get the device you want for the price it is offered for. Also, sometimes the company does not reply to your emails. Well, I have the skills to reverse-engineer devices…in this case it was a haptic device.

Custom Made Phantom Haptic
Custom made haptic device (look familiar?)

While working at Pico Engineering and Valigent Engineering Ltd, I developed a punching mechanism. The mechanism creates two oval holes with accuracy of 0.02mm. The challenge was to develop a compact and efficient mechanism that would make two holes in one punch, thus shortening the production time.

Punch knife
Punch Knife 2006
Punch mechanism
Punch Mechanism Assembled 2006

This project was a collaboration between Prof. Eran Sher and the ORMAT Company. The aim was to build ten miniature Stirling Engines of different mechanical designs.

I was privileged to help Prof. Eran Sher with supervising these project within the department of Mechanical Engineering, Ben Gurion University, Israel.

During the year we had 20 students working on 10 projects. The challenge was to learn about Stirling Engines not only from the theoretical prospective but also to design, build and test these engines. A few actually worked.

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